Friday, August 16, 2013

McDonald's Breakfast Burrito

Sometimes you don't get to pick where you go. 

You're with family, or co-workers, or friends, and it isn't your turn to pick the restaurant. It happens all the time. This page is all about *practical* meal choices that real people can apply. So, I decided to show what might be a good choice at McDonald's for breakfast. Maybe not the absolute best, but this works for me.

Their sausage breakfast burrito is a pretty good deal at $1. However, all the LCD wants is the tasty southwestern-style scrambled eggs inside. This photo is two burritos' worth.

So, you ask for 2 or 3 burritos and a FORK. Open up that carb wrapper (the tortilla) and eat the eggs with a fork. Chunk the tortilla. That's it! If you get weird looks from your companions, smile and know that you're losing more weight than they are.

I still wish they'd just sell me the eggs in a bowl. If anyone can make that happen, please post here...

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