Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dark Chocolate

I never considered eating one of these "fancy" chocolate bars before I joined the low-carb movement. I always thought that they were too bitter; I could always just gobble up a snickers or hershey bar and get my chocolate fix. 

BUT...the LCD must be much more cautious when choosing a sweet snack. These ultra-dark bars can be had for $2-$3 and can last for days. Limit yourself to one or two squares per serving and you'll be fine. They might taste bitter at first, but that's because you're used to sugar overload. Give it time. 

My favorite is the 86% Ghirardelli, but the Lindt 85% or 90% is great too. Mrs. LCD prefers the sea salt versions, but those have a few more carbs, so maybe only one square per serving of those.


  1. Have you tried the LINDT 99% COCOA EXCELLENCE BAR they sell it at the Fresh Market

  2. No, so far I've only tried their 90%. I'll have to pick up one of those! Thanks!