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I am a independent insurance agent here in Mobile (NOT a trainer/doctor/lawyer/etc) and have lived here all my life. I decided to start this page to help others who are considering weight loss (because many have asked for my "secret" -- it isn't a secret!).

Here I will explain what I have found and will share some of the food I have come across in our area which will support a low-carb lifestyle.

Late in 2012 I was tipping the scales at 231 lbs and started to get serious about losing some weight and researched the various diets and weight loss methods.

I discovered this low-carb diet and the very good results that many were having with it. I found that this was considered by many to be a game-changer in the way they lived life and thought about food. It's true that food is a great pleasure in life. However, for many, eating has become a hobby.

In accordance with the diet guidelines, I significantly reduced carbohydrate intake on January 1 and kept my intake to 20g or less per day. In the first month I lost 20 lbs, with no additional exercise. Over the next few months I continued to lose weight. To date I have lost 55 lbs. and feel great.

This lifestyle is easy to follow; I will help where I can.

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