Friday, March 21, 2014

Moe's Original BBQ - Moe Salad

Recently, my family went to Sunday lunch at Moe's Original BBQ in downtown Mobile. 

This restaurant is located at the corner of Dauphin Street & Washington Avenue. It features a relaxed atmosphere with a large room in the back where the kids can run around and play cornhole. There were about 15-20 kids running around playing when we arrived. A music stage is set up in the corner. 

So what did the Low-Carb Diner choose? Yep, a salad. Of course, pretty much all of the meats are good choices (if you go easy on the sauces, some of which contain sugars).

I looked on the menu for salads and my choice was made -- there is only one -- the Moe Salad.

From the menu:

Fresh crisp greens, topped with roma tomatoes, shredded cheddar 
cheese, crispy bacon crumbles, toasted spiced pecans, cucumbers, carrots, 
red onions, a piece of cornbread, and your choice of meat and dressing.
MEATS: pork, fried shrimp, chicken, fried catfish, turkey or chicken fingers.

As you can see, I chose pork, and they piled it high! I threw caution to the wind and let them add the sauce on top. It also comes with a piece of cornbread, it was 
promptly removed. 

You may not tell from the photo, but the Moe Salad was a huge portion and filled me up. It was delicious; I plan to return again and again to try all the meat choices.

And you can try your hand at cornhole when you're done. 

Moe's Original BBQ: (Tell 'em the Low-Carb Diner sent you!)

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